Privilege Escalation using Api endpoint

Hi All,

This article is about bug i found on a private program on which i was invited few months back. I am not allowed to disclose any information about program so i would use program name as

Upon invitation this program assigns test accounts to the researcher to test application and those test accounts has normal user level permissions assigned. Main functionality of the application was related to provide employee background check service and with the normal user permission you can only create candidate,read reports and manage reports… such basic functionalities. I couldn’t find anything with the basic access i got.

I observed that this application was using the angularjs as a client side javascript framework and hence I decided to open the developer console and read the application js file available to learn more about routing, permissions and endpoints available.

Upon reading the code, i found that application has functionality to create webhooks to receive candidate reports and more notifications as per below screenshot.

Create Webhook Endpoint

So, Further i decided to check which permission is required to create webhooks and as per code in below screenshot, it required manage_dev_settings permission which is by default assigned to only admin users.


With this findings, i though as this is the client side check if i can edit the response which contains the user permissions , i can get the UI level access of the developer settings.

I logged in again and set my Burp proxy to intercept all the response and it has been found that response from the http request to “” contains user permissions as per below screenshot.

response with user permission

As highlighted in response, i switched the manage_dev_settings from false to true and forwarded the response. Now i got the UI level access of the developer settings with the normal user test account.

Now,I navigated to the create webhook functionality,created webhook with the requestbin link and created new candidate which generated post request to the endpoint “”. Luckily, i found that there was no permission validation at server level and webhook was created successfully. I immediately created new candidate and i received webhook log on my requestbin link as below.

Webhook Log

So, this is how i was able to create webhook and receive notification with the normal user permission by escalating privileges.

You might be thinking that i could have skipped this UI level stuff and directly achieved this by firing request to the api endpoint of webhook found from the Js file directly. Yes, i could have done that but i wanted to learn as much as about the application so i gained first UI level access and then i verified this endpoint.

I submitted this bug to the program and initially it was triaged but one month later, I was informed that this was a duplicate and i didn’t get paid which was little bit disappointing but it is not always about chasing stuffs and being needy, sometimes it brings the inner satisfaction by slowing yourself down,learning new stuffs that you already don’t know,going as deeper as you can and push you limitations which i received as a reward by working with this program and finding this bug.

Thanks for reading this article.

Full time bug bounty hunter

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